1982 brought us many great things.

In 1982 Helen Hunt played Sandy Cameron in the ABC After School Special "Desperate Lives". This was a watershed moment in cinematic history.

In the movie her boyfriend convinced her to smoke some pot laced with angel dust. He said "don't worry baby, everything's gonna be cool"and she took a hit. Next thing you know she ran down the hallway and jumped out a window screaming.

In 1982 I was 13 years old and I bought some pot from my dealer Chris "Half-man." It was laced with angel dust and I smoked it and felt a little weird. It was pretty cool I guess.

I remember hearing all the stories when I was growing up about people who got high on PCP and beat up the cops and rolled cars over like the Incredible Hulk.

Looking at that picture you can't really blame the Hulk. But I guess the PCP stories were kinda like the all the hype about the killer bees that wasn't true.

I was "dusted" a few more times after that but I never did anything that cool like the Hulk. I never even got to drive a car as cool as a Plymouth Duster, which most people don't know was named after PCP.

By the way, check out that hot babe.

Well I did get to drive my brother's Pontiac GTO once. It had a chain steering wheel and it was a bad mother, let me tell you.

When me and my brother were growing we'd go out with my parents and I'd bug him all the time and he used to tell me "When we get home you're dust."

I always thought that meant when we got home he was going to slip me angel dust and then I was gonna jump out a window screaming and beat up cops and do crazy stuff like this lady.

Good thing that never happened.

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