Web 2.OH, YEAAHH!!

There is so much buzz on the internet about Web 2.0. Supposedly this is the thing that will liberate us all.

But what is it?

Here's Web 2.0 in geekspeak: New internet technologies to break down our isolation, allowing people to collaborate and share information online and create virtual communities.

Here's Web 2.0 for the rest of us:

Now that's real technology for the masses!

You can buy your shirt over at Mule Design.

Most importantly, these good folks have not sanitized the Kool-Aid man like you see him today on TV. This is the party-crashin', no-pants wearin' Mr. Kool-Aid I remember from childhood!

And just to get it right, I sent out the A-Team to strip the Kool-Aid man of his stupid pants and make a man out of him again.


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